Illegal Dumping and Litter

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Illegal dumping is the act of discarding waste in an improper or illegal manner; for example, throwing trash on the sidewalk or leaving a mattress or furniture on the street. Although this has been an issue in the community for many years, the County of San Mateo envisions a future that is free of litter and illegal dumping. Please continue reading to learn more about this issue and what you can do to keep our neighborhood clean!

Resource Guide to Prevent Illegal Dumping 

Do you need to throw away large bulky items, such as mattresses, furniture, or electronics? Not sure how to get rid of them? Our resource guide provides information on what you can do to prevent illegal dumping, such as schedule a bulky item pick up, donate to a local thrift store, or visit the Shoreway Environmental Center. 

County of San Mateo Illegal Dumping Ordinance

The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors recently adopted an ordinance that deems illegal dumping and littering against the law, and violations can result in fines up to $3,000. Enforcement of these new regulations will help to deter illegal dumping and littering and clean up our neighborhoods. 


Please click here for more information on the disposal of Hazardous Waste, Illegal Dumping, and Litter:


Report It! SMC

The County of San Mateo launched a new app called "Report It! SMC" which can be downloaded to your smartphone or used on your desktop. The new app allows citizens, residents, and visitors to report illegal dumping quickly and easily. Simply take a photo of illegally dumped items and submit your report from your phone! Once submitted, reports are sent directly to County staff to respond and address the issues. 


Neighborhood Clean Ups


Annual NFO Clean Up day

Each year, the Office of Supervisor Warren Slocum, the North Fair Oaks Community Council, and Recology team up to present the Annual NFO Clean-Up Day. This year's event was a huge success with over 175 volunteers collecting over 3 tons of trash!  Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time; see you at next year’s clean up!

SAL Clean Team Check with SAL

The Sheriff's Activities League (SAL) Clean Team focuses on cleaning, greening, and beautifying the North Fair Oaks community by planning and executing weekly clean-up plans and regular community clean-up events while building bridges with residents and merchants through education and outreach. Within the auspices of the Clean Team, interested youth can take part in the Green Team. The Green Team will provide youth members with the opportunity to be mentored by Clean Team leaders, who will instruct them on the importance of sustainability and ways to care for the environment. 

Siena Youth Center - Check with SYC

The Siena Youth Center, a non-profit organization, works together with the community of North Fair Oaks to provide a safe and happy environment for the youth to come together to learn and practice fun activities. Twice a month, the Siena Youth Center goes out into the North Fair Oaks neighborhood to help maintain our community clean. 



Additional Information

  • Office of Sustainability: The San Mateo County Office of Sustainability focuses on bettering the community through their work on energy efficiency, resource conservation, alternative transportation, and greenhouse gas emission reduction. To learn more about the Office of Sustainability please visit

  • Recology: Recology is a recycling program that strives to recover a variety of materials. For more information on Recology please visit

  • Code ComplianceThe San Mateo County Code Compliance team enforces County zoning, building, and other land use regulations. This is accomplished by making sure that construction activities and other forms of development such as tree removal have received the necessary County permits and are being carried out in compliance with the terms of permit approvals. For more information visit

  • Fair Oaks Beautification Association: The Fair Oaks Beautification Association (FOBA) is a non-profit organization made of volunteers who share the same goal: improving North Fair Oaks neighborhoods. FOBA helps improve our neighborhoods by taking care of trees, maintaining our parks and playgrounds amongst many other projects. For more information visit

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